Technology Platforms

Noxopharm is an innovative biotechnology company with a science driven strategy to advance the most promising life-saving therapies for patients with cancer or inflammatory diseases, through the discovery, preclinical and clinical phases.

The company's focus is on adding value to its assets at each step of the development process.

A targeted product pipeline is core to Noxopharm’s success. We achieve this by leveraging the expertise of our scientific team and developing new technologies in house, as well as by working with leading scientific and medical researchers globally.

Chroma™ is a small molecule technology platform focused on the development of multiple drug candidates, primarily for cancer treatment. Its leading preclinical drug candidate CRO-67 is showing promising signals for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.
The Sofra™ technology platform has a pipeline of new proprietary drugs based on a novel class of oligonucleotides, short strands of the building blocks of DNA or RNA. Our focus aims to improve mRNA vaccines, in addition to providing new treatment options to patients suffering from autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.
Veyonda® is Noxopharm’s clinical drug candidate for the treatment of solid tumours in combination with immunotherapy in a phase 1 investigator-initiated clinical trial.