The Sofra™ platform is focused on developing a novel class of immunomodulators capable of improving mRNA vaccines and mRNA therapeutics as well as treating autoimmune diseases.

With a strategic focus on collaborating with world-leading research institutions to identify and develop potentially life-saving therapies, Noxopharm and its Pharmorage subsidiary have in-licensed technology from Hudson Institute of Medical Research to create the Sofra technology platform.

This technology platform is based upon short nucleic acid sequences, the building blocks of DNA or RNA, known as oligonucleotides. These oligonucleotides provide a novel treatment approach, acting on specific cells to modulate inflammation at its source.

Sofra’s most advanced preclinical asset, SOF-VAC™, has potential applications in the treatment of excessive inflammatory responses associated with specialised inflammatory receptors in the body known as Toll-like receptor 7, or TLR 7.

Other receptors such as TLR 8 and cGAS are also being targeted through the Sofra platform.

TLR7 receptors can respond to mRNA vaccines. Here, the inflammatory substances produced are responsible for many common vaccine side-effects such as fever, pain and fatigue. SOF-VAC has been developed to block these inflammatory effects. More information here

In some people, TLR7 receptors are permanently activated or mistakenly react to the person’s own nucleotides as if they were from a foreign source, such as bacteria or viruses. This can trigger a devastating inflammatory response that drives autoimmune disorders, for example, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). More information here

In the context of both autoimmune diseases and mRNA vaccines, our proprietary Sofra synthetic oligonucleotides are designed to bind to TLR7 receptors and block undesirable inflammation at its source.

Key areas of focus for the Sofra platform are: