Pharmorage is a fully-owned Noxopharm subsidiary, and was created in 2020 to discover and develop new treatments for a wide range of immune system and inflammatory diseases, and to enhance mRNA vaccine technology.

Soon after its founding, Pharmorage saw an opportunity to expand its strategy by in-licensing ground-breaking intellectual property relating to immuno-modulating synthetic RNA therapeutics from Melbourne’s Hudson Institute of Medical Research.

This technology is based on short nucleic acid sequences, the building blocks of DNA or RNA, known as oligonucleotides. These provide a novel treatment approach, acting on specific cells to modulate inflammation at its source.

Oligonucleotides are being applied to make mRNA vaccines safer by reducing vaccine-associated inflammatory side-effects. In addition, the technology has the potential to support more cost-effective mRNA vaccine manufacturing.

There are other applications for oligonucleotides, such as for the treatment of excessive inflammatory responses like those sometimes seen after viral or bacterial infections, and in autoimmune diseases including systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), psoriasis, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

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Pharmorage and Hudson Institute have a close strategic partnership and working relationship and continue to expand their family of patent applications which are in various stages of examination. Noxopharm, through its Pharmorage subsidiary is licenced to commercialise any promising drug candidates generated through this work.

Pharmorage’s role as a subsidiary supports Noxopharm’s SofraTM platform and gives the parent company strategic flexibility in a rapidly-evolving global market.