mRNA Vaccines

mRNA vaccine technology has gained considerable attention since the first vaccines were produced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This technology is now being expanded to develop a wide range of vaccines against a suite of common diseases. The Noxopharm Sofra™ technology platform is targeting improvements in mRNA technologies.

Vaccine side-effects

One of the challenges encountered by current vaccine manufacturers how to create an effective and long-lasting vaccine while minimising inflammatory side effects such as headache, fatigue and muscle pain.

These side-effects occur due to the activation of inflammation receptors in the body known as toll-like receptor 7, or TLR 7.

When an mRNA vaccine is given, the mRNA gives the body signals to develop an immune response to the target virus e.g. COVID-19. Some of this mRNA also breaks down into fragments that bind to TLR7 inflammation receptors, switching on an inflammatory response that can result in undesired side-effects.


SOF-VAC™ is an oligonucleotide (short nucleic acid sequences, the building blocks of DNA or RNA) in preclinical development. It is designed to block TLR 7 receptors and reduce vaccine related inflammation at its source.

SOF-VAC has a well-defined selective mechanism of action, and its ability to reduce inflammation and improve vaccine safety while preserving vaccine efficacy has been demonstrated.

It offers the mRNA vaccine industry the opportunity to enhance existing vaccines and to broaden the range of mRNA technologies, including mRNA therapeutics being developed for new treatments.

Download the SOF-VAC Fact Sheet pdf here

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