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Noxopharm® is an innovative company that is designing and developing novel drugs to treat cancer and inflammatory diseases, along with assets that can reduce the side effects of mRNA vaccines. 

The company’s multi-platform strategy is driving a growing pipeline of new proprietary drugs supported by valuable intellectual property. 

This approach also mitigates risk by pursuing opportunities in three distinct areas instead of placing the company’s fortunes in a single asset, as is the case with many other biotechs.

The assets in development relate to a wide range of diseases, from the improvement of mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases and the treatment of  lupus, psoriasis and other inflammatory conditions through to the treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Such a rich pipeline creates the opportunity to develop certain compounds in house, while for others venturing into external commercial arrangements.

Noxopharm has a highly capable leadership team with over 100 years of collective scientific and pharmaceutical industry experience. This experience spans research, end-to-end drug development and commercialisation in clinical and operational roles in well-known global businesses.

Additionally, Noxopharm also has a major shareholding in US registered, Australia based Nyrada Inc (NYR:ASX), a drug discovery and development company specialising in novel small molecule therapies.

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Technology Platforms

Chroma™ focuses on the development of multiple drug candidates, primarily for cancer treatment. Leading preclinical drug candidate CRO-67 shows promising signals against pancreatic cancer. 


Sofra™ is based on oligonucleotides, the building blocks of DNA or RNA. These novel proprietary drugs are focused on improving the safety and manufacturability of mRNA vaccines and on the treatment of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. 


Noxopharm’s clinical drug candidate Veyonda® is being assessed in a phase 1 investigator-initiated trial for the treatment of solid tumours in combination with the Bristol Myers Squibb checkpoint inhibitor drug Opdivo® (nivolumab).  

Noxopharm reveals encouraging new pancreatic cancer preclinical study data
September 24, 2022